Wednesday, 25 January 2017


When you know that your child would be playing with plush toys all the time, then you should take complete care. Don’t know how to retain the looks of a plush toy? If so, then you should go through what we have jotted down. It’s important that you should know be aware of numerous risks during the little one’s playtime. Since such toys are made of fabric, hidden germs can spread diseases like flu and cold.
With a number of plush stuffed animals available online or at the local outlets, you should inspect them properly. Keep an eye on the instructions the methods to clean them properly. Make sure that you can easily wash them through cleaning agents like dishwashers. Be prudent enough to select the right fabric. While porous materials tend to be habitats for germs, smooth fabric is what we strongly recommend if it’s the first time. Besides, think about toys with tight stitches to retain the shape.
For dust specks and stains spread across a small area, use a cloth damped in water mixed with detergent. Simply, rub the cloth gently till you think that the stain has disappeared. According to the printed instructions mentioned on tags, make a smart choice. If you don’t own a dishwasher, then opt for plush toys which can easily be stashed away in a washing machine. On the other hand, vibrations inside the dishwasher remove dirt in just a few minutes. Remember, that the frequency of washing should be decided on how much time the kid uses it. Schedule the wash much before time. If it appears dirty then wash all at once. But, if it’s used most of the time, then wash it once in a month. We recommend you a weekly washing schedule if the child’s playtime extends all through the day.
Think about using a detergent if you’re concerned about removing stains and dirt even when it involves plush pillows. Walk the extra mile if the plush toy is played by someone who has fallen ill. Firstly, soak the toy in some non-aerosol disinfectant solution for 10 or more minutes. Then, rinse it with water and leave it for drying under sunlight. Solution plus sunlight will surely kill every tiny germ even when it isn’t visible to the naked eye.

At the end, you should stop by this tip. When no type of disinfectant can remove germs, then you should keep the toy in an airtight plastic bag and store in the fridge. Do this only for a few hours on a weekly basis. This helps in a big way to kill dust mites. Unlike germs or bacteria, mites weaken immunity to fight against diseases. Compared with other kids of his/her age, your child is prone to sickness quite easily. The little one would not be able to cope with his or her routine.  Eventually, performance and efficiency actually get affected.

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