Monday, 6 February 2017


If you think that Valentine’s Day is just meant for lovers, then you’re quite wrong. The day is also primed for toddlers you nurture. To elevate the fun factor, you can embrace some of the activities listed below. Well, we have something more for you apart from pre-planned crafts, treats, cards and intricately made red hearts as well as Valentine’s Day gifts.

Firstly, explain everything about Valentine’s Day. You can speak about love in a simple way. Don’t get into the details like its history or importance. But, tell him or her about the significance of love. Emphasize on the most popular traditions. Dubbed as ‘Valentines’, gift baskets, greeting cards, and notes are some of the things that make others special and secure a place in their hearts.

Bring in the advent calendar concept as you grab deals for Valentine. The countdown would begin with a date one week prior to Valentine’s Day or from 1st of February. Cut out card paper in the form of hearts and number them from 1 to 14. Later, paste them on the door of your kid’s bedroom and go about jotting down why you love him or her most. Every morning as soon as the child is wide awake, help him remove the numbers and read the message aloud. Likewise, you can think about this activity the other way round. Ask preschoolers to do the tasks for grandparents. While the aged are now in their second childhood, they would be delighted to hear from little ones.

When you want every family member to get involved, think about a mail station. Just as it’s fun to receive Valentine’s Day gifts it’s also great to gift valentines. Grab a shoebox and cut a slot around the center of the lid. Then, ask your dear ones to decorate the box with crayons. On that special day, tell others to drop chits which convey messages. Once done, ask you cute cupid to go around and deliver them. It not only spreads happiness across the house but also makes it for a delightful experience.

It’s true that sweets are for sweet people like your kids. With this in mind, request them to lend help in the kitchen. You can ask him to mold heart-shaped cookies or chocolates. For better involvement and interactivity, persuade him to do the time-consuming job that’s none other than kneading the dough. At the end, you would know what your little ones are good at.  

Finally, we have an activity that’s different from the rest. Persuade your kid to make refrigerator stick-on. Spread paints of light shades all across a card paper which would be left for drying under the sun. Later, cut out shapes in the form of hearts and give the freedom of writing humorous messages. Once the job is done, paste these on the door of the fridge. In case your son or daughter is old enough to identify objects, then you can hand over small magnets available online or at the craft store. You can stay calm because the kid would not misunderstand it to be a teether.

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