Tuesday, 3 October 2017


When you know that preschool children always yearn to become vibrant and energetic, you can think about easy to understand floor games as an alternative for games to be played outdoors. According to reputed resource center, these games help a long way for kids to work within a team and improve motor skills that have not developed within them. So, be the first person to grab any one of the floor games described below. It could either be a board game set or something for webkinz play.

Duck, Duck. Goose
Initially, ask the kids to form a circle as they are seated facing each other. Name one of the children as ‘It’ and let him walk along the circumference. Later, he would go about tapping other’s head by saying ‘Duck’. While he is choosing, he suddenly taps someone and says ‘Goose’. It’s at this point of time ‘Goose’ needs to take the lead and chase ‘It’. In case ‘It’ sits down before the other player tries to catch him, then the game continues with ‘Goose’ as now he or she is tagged with ‘It’.

Little Sally / Sammy Saucer
Once the kids have gathered, help the children to sit on the floor in a circular fashion. Select one child who would sit at the center and request him or her to keep eyes closed. Later the children need to recite “Little Sally Saucer, sitting in the water, rise, Sally, rise, Sally, wipe away your tears, Sally, turn to the east, Sally, turn to the west, Sally, turn to the one that you like best, Sally”. Sally (the one in the center) mimics the rhyme and then stretches her hand as well as points either in the ‘West’ or ‘East’ direction. The game continues with the individual who has been spotted by ‘Sally’ as soon as she has finished repeating the rhyme.

Follow the leader
In this game, the children have to be standing upright rather than being seated on the floor. While an individual is selected as a leader, someone else has to identify him. The others who are present in the circle have to follow the actions done by the leader. It’s actually tricky to identify the real one when actions after actions follow swiftly. The game progresses with the leader takes his or her turn.

Bug in a Rug
Instruct the kids to form a circle and be seated in positions facing one another. Select a child to be ‘It’ and another one as ‘Bug’. Later, tell the child to leave the room and return back after a minute unless and until the other child has hidden himself inside a towel. Once ‘It’ comes to join the group, you can request him to search who’s missing as the group recites “Bug, bug, bug in a rug, who is the bug in a rug?” The game continues with ‘Bug’ who plays the role of ‘It’. Well, this game might sound funny, but it helps towards building the memory of fumbling toddlers.

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