Thursday 7 February 2019

Top 6 kids water floats and pools that are going viral!

Summer is approaching and so does your toddler’s vacation! If you have kids who don’t come out of the water all summer, you must have already started looking for baby baths, rubber ducks, floats and pools. 

Let us make the search easier for you! Here, we have compiled a list of top 5 floats and pools that are catching the attention of many!

Donut Shaped Kids Pool Floats
No, these are not actual donuts! With an attractive (and tasty?) shape, the new donut-shaped water floats are the best summer gift you can give to your little ones.

Airplane Baby Kids Toddler Float

With the shape of an airplane that floats in water, this airplane floater is best for boys and girls who like adventures. This float is nice for a 2-3-year-old toddler to float in a pool or lake and pretend to be pilot! Let him fly all over the ocean as you swish him around.

Whale Spray Pool

A cute whale sprinkling cold water under the hot sun! Can summer be better than this? So, the toddlers are on a vacation. Keep them busy with adventures in this floatable.

Play Center Pool

Afraid of sending your toddlers to the playground in the hot summer? Why not bring a cold playground to your backyard? This play center pool is catching the attention of many as it is a combination of both play center and a pool.

Leaf Shade Pool

Out of time (and budget?) to go to Hawaii? Let your baby enjoy it at your home! The baby sits enjoying the calm cold shadow of the tree and mom/dad plays with her through the bigger ring! This pool provides accommodation to both child and adult.  

Buy these and other cute water floats at

Stay tuned for more such interesting stuff!

Happy summer! :)

Sunday 3 February 2019

Top 9 benefits of

We all would agree that Lego is probably the most popular and most loved toys of all. But, did we know the benefits that this toy provides to our children?

Here are the top 9 assets that Lego brings for our kids:  
  • Enhanced Motor skills
Motor skills are the movements of the muscles. When your two-year-old is playing Lego, observe her actions. She would press the Lego pieces against each other. She would try hard to fix one piece onto others. This proves to be a form of exercise for the toddler which improves her muscle strength.
  • Spatial reasoning
Well, we have to accept this. It takes some amount of efforts, even for us, to make that perfect house or the ship out of Lego pieces. A toddler has to think and scan through the sparse pieces to find the perfect fit. Understanding the count of holes and thinking of the suitable shape improves the overall spatial sense of the child.
  • Focus
Now, while you observe the actions of your toddler, you will notice that she is analyzing the pieces. She thinks about the goal structure in her mind and tries to develop her building accordingly. This makes her habitual to focusing on a task. 
  • Problem-solving and analytical thinking
Improving the problem solving and analytical thinking abilities of the child is the most obvious reason why we spend bucks for the Lego. The toddler struggles but it keeps him engaged till he achieves his goals. A piece is missing here? Okay, if I remove a block from the bottom, the structure will be balanced. It furnishes their ability to think logically and find solutions to the problems.
  • Persistence
Persistence is nothing but adhering to the problem until it gets solved. That’s what Lego teaches our children!
  • Patience
She will build a tower and then she will realize that she has put a roof piece in the beginning, by mistake. She will try to take it out without disturbing the structure but it wouldn’t be easy. She will try to dismantle the structure a bit to fix the issue. But when she does, the whole block from the bottom loses its structure. She decides to throw the stuff away. But then she understands that she has already done a lot of hard work. 

Lego, no doubt, is a patience booster!
  • Planning skills
“I want the base of home to be red. Grass will be green and the roof - will make it blue!”, said the 5-year-old as he was building his Lego house. “No, momma! That is wrong! I have saved this piece for the chimney. I want a big chimney for my factory!”, exclaimed the toddler as she was building her Lego factory.
  • Confidence
“Dad, Look! I made this car!”, said the toddler with excitement in his eyes. “Hey, well done!” the toddler ran to his room planning his new house.
  • Imagination and creativity
“Mom, guess what is this?” “Umm, is it a tree?” “No, mom! It’s a dancing alligator!” We never know what the children will come up with. Lego is building blocks of their imaginary world. 

The possibilities of creations through logo pieces are endless so does the benefits of Lego.

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Monday 19 February 2018

Impressive Collection Of Toys That Doubles Your Kid’s Younger Age Joys!

Toys! It is something that has a very special place in the life of millions. Let whatever their fan’s age be, some cartoonist creates a resistible space for their Action Figures in uncountable hearts. Though one would have everything, still, they would like to have a collection of greater toys and might desire to add one at the soonest.

These action figures are something that will definitely create an urge of want and one would try to accomplish their requisites at any point in time. As there are numbers of action figures available like Batman, Gundam, Pokemon, Superman, WWE Superstars, Green Lantern, Thor, Aquaman, Star Wars, & Transformer, so, there is a certain possibility to have a larger number of wants and desires. Seriously Mahn! I am also the one like them, about whom I am talking here. I too am a die-hard fan of Iron Man & Mr. Tony Strak the owner of Stark Industry.

Shortage of such a collection, unavailability of products and availability of unworthy options are something that none like to face and especially at a time when they are about to invest in their long-wished toys. Yes! Being irritated due to lack of availability of your preferences is a common and a day to day event. Thus, one eminent store that holds a great recognition in the USA’s toys & Action Figure market is It understands the urge and tries to fulfill the requisites as a priority. The store is set to be functioning in a manner that it provides right products with appropriate productivity.

As the availability of products makes customers feel jubilate; it simultaneously also helps them verse the various apprehend aptitudes of positive life. Availability is never an issue to worry; one can easily have a hold on joy-oriented essentials by opting for the modern option i.e.; The best online shopping store in the USA.

So, by being very precise in selecting the store, be overwhelmed with the availability of amazing collection. Double your kid’s joyful session & let them relish the best by providing the best authentic Action Figures.  

Thursday 25 January 2018

Treat Your Loved Ones & Double Their Joy

Love your kids the most? Wish to fill their lives with ample of joys? Forget worrying so deep & opt for something that’s worth adopting!

As every parent wishes to provide everything that double the joyful moments, selecting appropriates becomes a bigger task. None would ever like to introduce something ordinary to their kids, which is just out of the context and spreads casual feels evicting joys and happiness. Are you also the one, who feels and worries the same? If yes, then I would like you to have a look at assortment available at

Frankly, I Had a wonderful experience being their customer, thus, would not fear to suggest you’ll ‘’the parents’’ to try out too. The store has everything that you would ever want your kids to have at this point of age. What’s more happening than products that cater all i.e. joys, excitement and education? Yeah! You read it right. The store’s exclusive collection consists of everything that posses the power to be a great multi-functional asset by being a fun loving toy.

Nothing in comparison is as great as the toys that fulfill every necessity, which being a toddler is must be learned. As expressing, understanding and adopting love, enjoyments, and happiness by evicting hatred is important, the store tries to cater everything that showers emotion-oriented products. Heart Charm Bracelets, Heart String Decorations, Lalaloopsy Minis 2015, Cecilia Giant Jumbo Teddy, Hot Wheels Detailed Porsche, etc. are few awesome collection that one can opt for.

The store is the best source for over a decade in the USA is well trusted and is also known to serve only the authentic ones. If you are the one who loves to save single dollars and that too in every possible way, then the store must definitely suit your preference lift the best. The store caters valuable deals and organizes seasonal and festival based offers too to double your exciting shopping experiences. One amazing ongoing seasonal deals for Valentine’s Day Bonanza and provides multiple deals accordingly.

 So be the first to relish the Valentine’s Day Bonanza the best! Have a hold of products that definitely fits your searches the best and cater multiple joys in the life your little one or loved ones. 

Thursday 21 December 2017

Make You Child’s Childhood Worth Remembering

Toys have always owned the most important place in the life of all younger ones. The craze for toys just doesn’t border up until minors, there are many adults too who love to have collections of toys. These collections are definitely as per the choice, interest and preferences, but what matters is that one owns it. The elements that are reckoned as toys are responsible to spread joys and have capabilities to increase happy moments in the lives of many.
Playing with toys has always been memorizing moments of life. All an adult thinks once he has grown up is enjoyments of his childhood. Yes! The saying is completely right, “Once the time passes away, all becomes memories”. If you are a parenting parent, it is your duty to make your child’s childhood a memorable one. Numbers of brands worldwide are manufacturing exciting toys, all you need to do is buy it for your kid and help him live a prosperous and an unforgettable toddlerhood and adolescence.  
Playing with toys is not age oriented; any age group can feel the joy of having a toy or toys in their life. One best ecommerce store that has it all as needed is It is a salient and a renowned toy store that helps one grab what they feel without stepping out of the house. Why to wait when you have a chance to shop the best this Christmas Day. Being a customer-oriented, store provides various Christmas offers and gifts to increase the joys and charm of childhood. celebrates all festivals and caters various sensational offers that helps make shopping more exciting and fun-loving. All the toys available at the store go on sale. Doing so doesn’t harm or profit the store, but yes! It does give satisfaction of spreading joy in the life of millions of young ones. Christmas Day is a festival full of excitement and surprise. It is celebrated worldwide on a high mark. Why not take an advantage of such a festive offer and by Best Christmas toys?
Dolls have always been the best friend to all the little ladies and bikes, action heroes, etc. have always been the best motivational icons for all the young men. All products available at the store are genuine and harmless. Though, many think all products quality are the same, ensure products at the store are 100% original and comes with warranty. It is best to think about the joys of your children and make the best out of Christmas offers and gifts available. 

Wednesday 13 December 2017

Let Action Figures Makes A Worthy Appearance In The Life Of Your Kids

Though Action Figures and their special powers are all fictions, still they share a special place in the life of many. Some enjoyed their presence until their childhood and some continue to enjoy the like the same until there old age. There are number of people alive who loves to have a collection of the same. Toys despite of its categorization isn’t age oriented. It is enjoyed by all and sometimes even by oldies.
Toys possesses power to cater uncountable happiness to all, it is a renowned aspect that works the best for kids as well as youngster. These toys differ a lot from random ones, holds a direct appearance in the eyesight and even create a wanting desire in all. This isn’t something that happens to all! These are cognitive attention seekers and such want is only noticed to happen with Action Figures fans. To some extent this group of people is not just satisfied with the small figures, thus they do spend lots of time, money and energy to fetch and get huge structures up to 18 inch max.

Availability of such valuable was always a hectic task. People desiring to have one face numbers of issue to purchase one. An easiest way to find and purchase such a desired toy is opting online shopping. This not only helps you have toy as wished but also reduces the hectic and mind disturbing shopping process. One eminent store that is known well to serve all the best and as per customers wish is

The store holds a worthy respect and appearance in the market and that’s simply because of its nature of being customer oriented. The store is noticed to capture undivided attention and growth with the availability of products that are 100% genuine and branded. The list of action figures available here is quite simple; store caters only those that holds a popularity rates. One aiming to buy has variety to select one from -

· Batman
· Transformer
· Star Wars
· Superman
· Pokemon
· Gundam

The best is to buy that last little longer. Every penny you spent on must be worth to be purchased. The product’s availability at being genuine stands a high chance to work out as per the customer’s expectation. I believe purchasing from a store that believes in transparency and customer satisfaction is the best. 

Tuesday 3 October 2017


When you know that preschool children always yearn to become vibrant and energetic, you can think about easy to understand floor games as an alternative for games to be played outdoors. According to reputed resource center, these games help a long way for kids to work within a team and improve motor skills that have not developed within them. So, be the first person to grab any one of the floor games described below. It could either be a board game set or something for webkinz play.

Duck, Duck. Goose
Initially, ask the kids to form a circle as they are seated facing each other. Name one of the children as ‘It’ and let him walk along the circumference. Later, he would go about tapping other’s head by saying ‘Duck’. While he is choosing, he suddenly taps someone and says ‘Goose’. It’s at this point of time ‘Goose’ needs to take the lead and chase ‘It’. In case ‘It’ sits down before the other player tries to catch him, then the game continues with ‘Goose’ as now he or she is tagged with ‘It’.

Little Sally / Sammy Saucer
Once the kids have gathered, help the children to sit on the floor in a circular fashion. Select one child who would sit at the center and request him or her to keep eyes closed. Later the children need to recite “Little Sally Saucer, sitting in the water, rise, Sally, rise, Sally, wipe away your tears, Sally, turn to the east, Sally, turn to the west, Sally, turn to the one that you like best, Sally”. Sally (the one in the center) mimics the rhyme and then stretches her hand as well as points either in the ‘West’ or ‘East’ direction. The game continues with the individual who has been spotted by ‘Sally’ as soon as she has finished repeating the rhyme.

Follow the leader
In this game, the children have to be standing upright rather than being seated on the floor. While an individual is selected as a leader, someone else has to identify him. The others who are present in the circle have to follow the actions done by the leader. It’s actually tricky to identify the real one when actions after actions follow swiftly. The game progresses with the leader takes his or her turn.

Bug in a Rug
Instruct the kids to form a circle and be seated in positions facing one another. Select a child to be ‘It’ and another one as ‘Bug’. Later, tell the child to leave the room and return back after a minute unless and until the other child has hidden himself inside a towel. Once ‘It’ comes to join the group, you can request him to search who’s missing as the group recites “Bug, bug, bug in a rug, who is the bug in a rug?” The game continues with ‘Bug’ who plays the role of ‘It’. Well, this game might sound funny, but it helps towards building the memory of fumbling toddlers.

Finally, if you are raising a daughter then think about Barbie special edition dolls through the vast collection of toys present on different online platforms.