Thursday, 23 March 2017


When there are many fancy toys available in the marketplace, a parent would not think of purchasing building blocks. But, are you aware of its benefits? Studies have revealed that benefits galore with building block play. These include social, intellectual, and physical development. To put it in a nutshell, these toys help to prepare the baby for a bright future.

Physical benefits
Since playing with toy blocks involves hand movements while lifting an apparently heavy block, it’s obvious that it sharpen motor skills. Besides adding strength to fingers, hands, and arms, it helps towards hand-eye coordination which is essential. You might not think about this benefit at an early stage, but it actually enables a fumbling child to carry out different types of tasks with a no effort. Block play gives a head start on discriminating shapes and enhances thinking skills while fitting the block in the right place. Moreover, reading instructions on how to construct an object virtually helps for interpreting images and boosting imagination power.

Creative Benefits
Playing with building toys not helps kids to dream their own model but also a chance to be creative in the activity. Once they have built something from their thoughts, it gives them a satisfaction of creating unique things which might not be into existence. Besides, since little ones think about a solution when the right piece doesn’t fit properly, problem-solving skills are thereby enhanced. Later, as he is adept at building various objects, it makes their imagination run wild.

Social Benefits
Block play gives the confidence to mingle with friends who lend helping hands in the constructive activity. It also encourages teamwork as imaginations help to solve problems easily and quickly. According to a research, it was found that kids seek like-minded mates and are much more cooperative than any other game. In addition, it helps to ignite a curiosity to explore a totally new world by positioning toy vehicles and little figurines on the object. Different faces of statuettes help them to interact and make them mature enough to tackle different circumstances in future. Do visit the market or browse online for building blocks for kids.

Intellectual Benefits
As your little one pile up each block over the other, he or she learns numerous things. Believe it or not, it helps to perform simple math operations like addition, subtraction as well as sorting blocks. It also kindles a sense of understanding geometry through matching shapes as they pace ahead in building a structure. Furthermore, they get a clear idea of identifying colors as well as sizes of the building blocks.  With experimenting in full swing, surprisingly, kids score high in tests designed for increasing vocabulary, verbal comprehension, and grammar. Even though it’s a secret why this effect happens, it is thought that communication skills improve when due to constant interaction with parents while making the play enjoyable. Likewise, a capability of planning and recognizing the cause-and-effect sequences is also developed.

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