Thursday, 2 March 2017


It’s always been said that hobbies are frivolous things to do in life. But, we think that you are wrong in some way or the other. It’s easier to lose enthusiasm for doing something new and different when your child grows up and becomes busy all day long. But, if you as the parent want your little one to spend his or her time productively as they grow, then you should try keeping him busy in his spare time with a hobby. Choose one with the understanding of his or her interests. Here’s why you should encourage kids to pick up a hobby. Don’t fret or fume later in future that your child actually goes about wasting his time chatting with mates across various social circles.
Hobbies help for managing time in a much better way. It encourages efficiency in the long run which might be lost if your child is continuously after different tasks which are assigned to him. Imagine how monotonous or boring it might appear when your little one attends tuition classes as soon as he is back home tired after school. But, if a task like reading a book is included between the time of his arrival and attending classes, then it’s easy to rejuvenate himself and concentrate better while the teacher is tutoring him. In fact, he would be able to assimilate things better when his mind has already been engaged into what he loves to do.
Another benefit of picking up a hobby is to combat stress. You can also tag it with the words, ‘stress buster’. After school, watching television would just merely be some sort of brief distraction. But, a hobby like writing poetry or playing the piano is much more than a distraction that you might think of. It helps to recall that many facets to their own concept still exist. They always long for a pat on their back when their confidence is enhanced in carrying out something new. In fact, since a hobby keeps them happy, it’s evident that they give their best in painting their thoughts into reality. It is most commonly observed, that hobbies foster social connection. Some hobbies like reading or writing keep an individual secluded, but a construction hobby which involves two kids helps to form new bonds. Besides, it helps to share ideas with a like-minded person who is engaged close to him. A study reveals that socializing is required for happiness to grow and create strong relationships that are as precious as diamonds.
Enthusiasm or zest has a lot to do with a hobby. If you give your child the freedom to develop his or her skills through a hobby, then this would not only enliven his spirits but also boost him forward in doing the tasks at hand which seem important and which can’t be ignored.
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