Friday, 11 November 2016


When you know that it’s a holiday and there’s ample time to spare with your little one, then you should think about these fun ideas. Surely, you would never get bored on Thanksgiving day as you go through the list as mentioned below. It would pave your way to give a boost for your kids to enjoy the winter season.
Think about creating snowflakes with the styles that you desire. You can easily source a kit either online or at the nearest marketplace. This item would help you make the flakes with the help of templates available in different sizes. On the other hand, blank templates too can enable to design patterns with your little one’s handprints. Later, after the snowflakes are cut, you can make it look more beautiful with snowflake flurry or glitter glue. Finally, you can paste them on the walls of your kid’s bedroom so that he or she fantasizes in bed all the way across the starry night.
When you are busy with cooking a turkey, then you can think about fun-filled crafts so that your kid is preoccupied with tasks at hand. Make a spirograph kit purchase during Thanksgiving Day sales with endless options to create designs. These kits not only include classic wheels but also rings to give that stunning look to designs. Additionally, you can buy colored pens from the local outlet. This would aid your kid to build on his skills as he or she refers to a comprehensive design guide. But, if you are thinking about what’s next, then you should nudge your kid to paste these creatives on walls of your home. When it’s been ages that such a kind of kit is all the rage, then you can go online and shop for it through different portals. You would not only find the best one but also get something at the lowest price.  
Next, in the list are rainbow looms. These have been super popular since ages and are nothing but bands to create a unique style statement. Besides, you can also use them to decorate your vehicle or make a family room admirable. Well, a few colored rubber bands or loom and glue is all that you need for making them. This is the best activity for boys and girls who are 7 or above in age. For the rubber bands, you can ask your little ones to go for a simple design or with motifs spread across a pattern.

At the end, you can opt for figurines that mark the celebration of Thanksgiving Day.  These could either be colorful turkeys or even plush animals. But, that’s not all. You can think about - building blocks and avail Thanksgiving Day offers.

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