Tuesday, 15 November 2016


Finding your way through spending Thanksgiving Day in a meaningful way without leaving behind Turkey Day traditions? Then, here is the mixed bag of outdoor as well as indoor activities which surely would strengthen bonds between family members and enjoy the holiday in a lively mood.
When there’s enough time to spare on a week off like this day, then think about taking your kid to a parade happening in the city. This not a new tradition but something great and fascinating to watch since it occurred in 1924. Your little one would leap with joy as you watch giant balloons rising up in the air, and bands marching all across the mesh of streets in the city. When it’s just in the morning, your kids would find it comfortable to start off the holiday. Multiply the fun through a Thanksgiving parade bingo game. While it’s easy, your kids would ask for more chances to match with the numbers they are tagged with.
Persuade kids for a ‘Turkey Trot’ even when they are lazy waking up in the mornings. This is nothing but a community walk or jog in which everyone can get actively involved. As for the registration, the money sourced would be used for a good cause. Later, as the day passes by, you can work upon dishes to bring back the energy of course for the Turkey day feast.
To beat the winter blues, think about indulging children in playing touch football. Think about this only when you have sports enthusiasts in your household. Surely, you would be adding to the list of moments by such a kind of backyard game. Actually, this would be the best way to while away time when it’s tough to keep little ones away from football matches on TV. Remember you would then be improving photography as you treasure these memories through a hi-end camera. Go ahead in making sports equipment purchase during Thanksgiving Day sales.
In case you can’t do away with unavoidable reasons, then you should educate kids about the family history. Do also share about ancestors and grandparents as well as the times in those centuries. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to bring these back to life when they remain dormant for the earlier months.
Nothing would be as admirable as serving foodstuffs to needy people at the church or a community center. If it’s late on Thanksgiving, then you should search for families many days in advance. Your little ones would remember it for the lifetime when the less-fortunate households are blessed with what you’ve prepared with your hands.

Finally, arrange a board game tournament. A little bit of competition aids to develop strong bonds and obviously make your kid’s day special. Go online and search for classic board games and buy Thanksgiving Day gifts. You would surely find a game if you don’t have one in your mind.

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