Monday, 7 November 2016


When you know that it’s celebration time for Veterans Day, there are many activities with which you can keep your child busy. Surely, it would be something to remember in November. You can explain your child the sacrifices vets made so that they can lead a happy lifestyle. So, you need to scroll down and get going on the Federal holiday.
Indulge with your little ones to offer support to soldiers through dog tags. The procedure for making such tags is simple and easy. Cut rectangular size cardboard from a cereal box and go about tracing words or numbers with the help of black, white or colored templates. To make it look attractive, use paint and design the tags in the style you desire. We suggest you use paint that’s long lasting and sure to remain in place even when it might rain cats and dogs. Later, poke a hole at one of the ends, insert a cord or a necklace and request your child to wear it around his or her neck. As far as the words are concerned, you can add anything which boosts the spirit and encourages your kid to work hard for a better future.
Help your kids make a keychain that he or she can carry it while roaming the streets. This would actually be the best way to show patriotism. On the other hand, you can think about a simple wreath which closely resembles a star that was featured on 4th July. Well, it’s easy to make such a kind of craft. Gather some dry hay, and create a circular shape bearing some width. Later, you can host small US flags to attract the attention. Folks, this should not be worn on the head but should be hung on the door. Certainly, there would be no other reason for the guests to be amazed and give a pat on your child’s back. But, if you are looking for something funny, then you should go about doing a bald eagle wreath with a bird in the center.  
For those who want to boast a unique style statement, you can assist your little ones by helping them make a sunglasses holder. Simply, from a necklace full of beads and attach it to the earpieces. This is the great idea to carry the pair of glasses on the go or prevent it from getting lost at any point of time.
Arrange a fashion parade indoors. Invite your kid’s friends home and camouflage them in formal outfits made up of high-quality fabric with green and blue patches all over. That’s not all. You can help to reduce stage fright and build confidence by asking friends to speak about men and women who have made a difference in American history. Later, you award the ones who have been best at delivering speeches. Don’t forget to buy Veterans Day gifts to others in the parade.

Finally, you can wander about the streets and help the kids buy a toy or even clothes during the Veterans Day offer.

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