Friday, 23 December 2016


When ideas for New Year’s eve pop in your mind, you can leave behind those swanky clubs and think about throwing a party for letting others know about celebration time. Well, this year I am making the day memorable with something planned for tons of fun. I know that it’s going to take the whole day when our niece would be coming. So, get going with some of our ideas and ways if you have an empty number of things along with new year toys offer.
When Christmas decorations are still up till New Year, you can think about adding an elegant touch to the party. To generate that ambiance, you should go for hats with tinsel, glow sticks, and noisemakers. Balloons filled with several confetti can also spread the cheer till midnight. Not to be forgotten, you can think about colorful and fat-free dishes to set the mood you’re looking for. While cocoa bar can be the cold weather favorite, an ice cream sundae or delicious smoothie just works as well. Don’t keep kids sitting idle you should involve them in somewhere or the other. Keep them engaged through tasks like wrapping new year games gifts.

Activities for the party
Well if you have finished with decorations, then let’s have a look at what would keep kids busy once the party has started off.
Request kids to get dressed in costumes and later organize a karaoke star event. You can keep this to be a competition when kids would learn to compete and prove their mettle. Well, then you should collect soundtracks of the favorite songs and change the scene during the party. Do keep the prize in mind. Think about a racing car for boys and barbie dolls for girls. Surely, it would a treat to everyone who is invited.
Next, you can think of having fun with pre-planned crafts through items bought from a new year toy store. Based on a theme, you can let the little ones indulge in making colorful pages with the help of puffy paint, markers, and stickers. Well, you might not adhere to what we have just said, but boggle for some more options.
After dinner is done, you can double fun through an action movie or an animated film. Just like me, you would be boosting the spirits for a fresh, new start. Make everything cozy, and comfortable with blankets and later insist kids to give their reviews. Certainly, you would make them feel homely and be building on interactivity all night long.

Finally, this is all we have for you folks. I also have ideas for adults too so that you don’t need to imagine for the special day. A board game of a short duration is something that would keep them busy and spread tons of happiness all around.

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