Tuesday, 20 December 2016


When you know that you have to ahead as the countdown to Christmas begins, take a look at the trend in toys for 2016. Here, we have compiled everything for kids of all age groups. It could be a daughter who can’t do away with toys or a son who keeps you nudging when you visit a Christmas toy store.
Think about a Barbie townhouse that certainly gives a twist to the traditional doll houses. Ensure it constitutes 3 stories and has a rooftop lounge for the doll who would be basking in the sun. Everything from a bathtub, dining table, a sofa, chairs makes the toy complete. Do check for space that makes it easy for the doll to move virtually till the topmost floor. Consider something that doesn’t occupy space and can be stuffed inside a closet. Think about small accessories that can also be stored inside the cabinet.
Next to that you should go for is a robot dog among Christmas toys. Made of supreme quality plastic, you would be gifting the dog as the joy to your little one. It’s sure to enhance interactivity because you can observe the fun with which he or she would be responding to the voice commands. With endless options online, you can think about such toys with a weird look and a personality. Consider something that operates on rechargeable batteries. Do place an order as soon as possible because the stock won’t be waiting for you till Christmas.
Battery powered plush animals are toys that you should include in your list. These come loaded with eye animations as much as 150 in number. Once connected to a high-end smartphone, your child would have every reason to leap with joy. Music and videos are all to make the playtime unforgettable.
If it’s a boy, then a blaster or a gun should be considered as one of the Christmas gifts. You would be packing action in outdoor games as he chases his mates all around the backyard. It’s exciting to know your son would be picking up a new style from the different ways incorporated for shooting. With a dart, bolt, missile and lot of things, you would be boosting the potential when he has a tiff with his cousins.
Yet another product to be added to the toy list is a music box. You won’t be wasting money because you won’t know when your child starts singing beautifully. Synonymous with a karaoke system, the music box is loaded with inbuilt features to change the voice pitch and to sing in the best style.  

So, that’s all we have for you. Hope you spend a valuable time while visiting a shopping arcade or an online portal. If there’s anything interesting to add on, feel free to comment below.

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