Thursday, 29 December 2016


Hooray!! it’s the season to rejoice. With wonderful celebration ideas from Halloween, Thanksgiving to Christmas, we have everything for you with the crafts for New Year’s Eve. So, take a quick look at what we have for you. Surely, you would gain some inspiration and plan for something unique.
You can now have a stylish ball this season. Grab these from a new year toy store. Simply, fill a small globe with confetti, trinkets, and candy. Later, when it’s just a few minutes for midnight, ask the kids to fiddle with strings. It would then be fabulous to watch goodies streaming down right from the ceiling. Little time is all that you would be needing for that big surprise.
Plastic Clocks
Gather some use and throw plates and number them all along the circumference. Remember you would be marking them with digits from 1 to 12 just as it appears on a clock. Next, make a small hole at the center and fix two straps. While one of them would denote the minute hand, the other would signify the second hand. Your help would certainly enable kids to show off their creativity.
New Year Banner
Use a few paper cut-outs and create the letters, ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR’, in a stylish font. Sprinkle some glitter for the effect when the New Year’s party is in full swing. Arrange them in a sequence and hand them from an overhead support. Better still, you can paste them on the wall with the help of adhesive tape. As for the color, select a shade that complements the paint.
New Year Noisemakers
Assist your little ones to make a noisemaker. Make a small hole into a plastic box and paste a stick to the face present inside. Later, stuff the box with dried beans and close the lid of the box. In order to prevent air from entering inside the box, think about an extra cover. At the end, decorate the exteriors with a design for ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017’ and let your kids make some noise.
Clock Hats
This craft is the perfect way to embrace the New Year. With the help of card paper, make some cone hats and paste stars. At the apex, try sticking small and colorful paper frills. To make it look beautiful, you can go about gluing glitter along the spherical surface. You can think about making such types of hats when you just can’t purchase new year gifts.
Goals / Resolutions
As you teach your child that it’s most important to set goals, persuade him or her to cut out faces of all time favorite animated characters. Tell the child to write down what he would like to accomplish during the year. Furthermore, the job is done when you paste these somewhere near the whiteboard. It would never be a problem for the child to follow what he or she has in mind.
To conclude, you should motivate your little ones to engage in crafts even when it’s a lazy Sunday. Hope you are blessed with prosperity and joy as you pace ahead in the new year. Time away from work, shop new year toys and surprise your kids.

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